About Us

About Us

About Narin’s World of Taste:

Melanie likes cooking. Attila likes eating. We both like traveling together. That’s how a lot of this here came together.

We both love the world of culinary exploration, trying different flavors here at home and in various corners of the world. Melanie continues to look for new and exciting ways to prepare and serve food, and Attila is always happy to try various things and to give feedback. He calls himself the CTO, the Chief Tasting Officer, of Narin’s World of Taste, and of course he helps to keep the blog running. Related to our passion for food, we love traveling the world to sample good food, wine, and music wherever we can. We’ve been privileged to visit many nice places including Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and America.

With Narin’s World of Taste we like to share Melanie’s passion for healthy homemade food inspired by flavors from around the world. Her recipes are free of refined sugar, artificial additives, and mostly low-carb and gluten-free. She always tries to use organic, seasonal, and/or locally sourced ingredients.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Cheers and Guten Appetit!


About the Narin Family:

We’re a family of five, Attila, Melanie, Zoe, Ayla & Kaya…

This all started when Attila met Melanie in 2006 and soon they knew they want to be together. At that time, Attila was moving from Seattle to Cape Town and Melanie and her daughter Zoe joined him shortly after. They spent almost three years together in Cape Town and fell in love with the city and the people. During this time they got married in Mauritius. Prior to Cape Town, Melanie and Zoe lived in Germany. Attila grew up in Germany with frequent travels to Turkey, and he lived in Florida, Curacao, and Seattle. Currently we live in Luxembourg, where we completed the family with our daughter Ayla & our son Kaya.

Narin Family


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