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Birch Water and Blood Orange Shake

Birch Water and Blood Orange Shake

This shake doesn’t only boost your immune system with lots of vitamin C, it also helps cleanse, hydrate, and detoxify your body.

My kids have all been down with a nasty flu. It’s bad to have one sick kid at home, but can you imagine three of them? It was a nightmare! I tried to feed them food with high amounts of immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, but they didn’t felt like eating at all. The only thing they liked was freshly prepared blood orange juice.

During this time, our local supermarket Cactus started a program called “bewosst drenken” and they offered me a few products, one of which was organic birch water. Birch water is a traditional beverage in Russia, Scandinavia, and Baltic countries and used there for ages as a nutritional supplement and for medicinal purposes. It has a slightly sweet taste, similar to maple syrup, but much lighter and fresher. While reading more about the health benefits of birch water, I found out that it’s a good source of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and minerals. It can help to detoxify your body and is also used for hydration, which is important during the flu.

With this knowledge I created this shake, because this is exactly what my kids needed to get over this nasty flu.

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